Zealapp - Integrating the Monitoring and Management of Business Applications

CIO Vendor Tools for Application Performance Management were built to resolve issues before they impact business users, aiming at business and operational benefits. Despite this, end-user organizations are incapable of achieving this target. The foremost reason being the predominant focus of businesses on utilizing these solutions for trouble-shooting only.

Businesses often overlook the need for individual stakeholders to collaborate and share data, leading to organizational unpreparedness. Zealapp, incepted in 2011, engineered their product Zealapp AppView to offer combined real-time monitoring and management. The product proudly boasts of its compatibility with upcoming technology for the next five years and has all the applications on a single dashboard making it easily accessible. It permits the end-users to obtain detailed performance metrics instantaneously, and almost immediately pinpoints the root cause of application is- sues before impact.

Zealapp proffers a suite of innovative next-gen enterprise applications to monitor and manage end- to-end IT infrastructure across datacenter, virtual and cloud environment. The company has a plethora of solutions and products that can be deployed depending on the customer’s specifications; Zealapp ServerView, Zealapp NetView, Zealapp MSP, to name a few. Engaged with multiple clients and SI partners, the company has serviced a broad range of renowned enterprise companies like Tech Mahindra, Ericsson India, L&T ECC, Wipro Technologies, Capgemini, Momenta Global and others. In conjunction with this, the team with their industry rich experience has set their current market target on BFSI, Telco and large-scale enterprises.
Delving deeper into the product Zealapp AppView, it is notable that with its spectrum of features, it minimizes the downtime by troubleshooting application issues. It can monitor 100 plus applications from a single dashboard assuring there is no waste of time between multiple tools and custom scripts. Additionally, the management cost of APM solutions has been ranked as one of the topmost challenges in managing application performance. Zealapp AppView prides itself on its installation and management cost being economical as compared to vendors providing similar solutions in the market. The product can be installed within a month which translates into spare resources that can be invested elsewhere in the company.

Zealapp proffers a suite of innovative next-gen enterprise applications to monitor and manage end- to-end IT infrastructure across datacenter, virtual and cloud environment

Thrilled with their exceptional progress in this sector, Zealapp has geared up for the future with plans to introduce a product suite for IT security in the market and has already begun developing this product. The company anticipates adding a minimum of 15 to 20 products to their already existing inventory within the next five years. During this period, Anand Chandel, Founder and CEO, Zealapp, aims to become a 500 crore company and join the big player club domestically and internationally. Perfectly aligning themselves with the ever changing business needs, the company envisages increasing its global footprint by setting up an office in Dubai in six months and followed by offices in the United States and Australia.